We've designed this easy, fast, and accurate assessment specifically for the USAF to help USAF to return its legacy of innovation and transform itself to the bold and agile unit. This Innovation Acceleration and Leadership assessment will give you a report that evaluates both your individual strengths and weaknesses and how you function within larger communities of your unit and the USAF. Furthermore, the assessment will give you a set of concrete steps to take in order to increase your effectiveness and efficiency as innovation leaders. You can check back at your own convenience and retake the assessment to track your progress and change over time.

This assessment was designed by Jeff DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation and a Professor at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Busines. For more information on Jeff and his team, visit JeffDeGraff.com.

Jeff runs a leading innovation center, the Innovatrium, where researchers and professionals come together to create something new. For more information about the Innovatrium, visit Innovatrium.org.

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